Breaking MacWorld News: Jobs To Wear Black Shirt/Jeans

It’s been a wild week of anticipation for Apple fans. As the Digg Macworld countdown counts down at the top of the homepage, I constantly reload the Apple section (both popular and upcoming) for any glimmer of rumor or, dare I say it, confirmed news. Sadly, the rumors are all based on photoshopped educated guesses and the only confirmed news thus far has been the always vague banner erected pre-maturely just to give the fanboys something to decode/fap over.

The wait for confirmed news is over.

I have it from a very good source that Steve Jobs is going to wear a black shirt and blue jeans tomorrow. I can’t reveal how I know this source or how close they are to Apple HQ, but I’d bet my kids’ college money if I could find a bookie willing to take a wager on a keynote wardrobe. My source has revealed to me that the shirt will be a polycotton blend and the blue jeans will be held up by the skill of a tailor- not a belt.

The most surprising wardrobe news? Apparently there’s somethings in the air at Macworld: Steve’s balls. No underwear for this CEO. That’s about as 2007 as ethernet ports and optical drives.

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